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Picture Award

Submission form for topic: Places

Submit your amazing picture and show us your photo describing the wonders that surround us in our current photography award topic: Places

Please note before filling the form:

  • We have three upload forms: a) 1 picture = €5 ; b) 3 pictures = €13 ; c) 5 pictures = €20 

  • Due to the large number of submissions, it is not possible to subsequently rebate multiple submissions. The discounts are only possible via the respective submission forms.

  • It is not possible to change submissions after submitting the form.

  • Your submission should have sufficient quality (max 25mb) and resolution. Be sure that you only submit pictures that you have taken yourself and that these pictures do not violate any privacy rights or the law. Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be discarded and/or reported.

  • Some pictures will also be published on our Instagram. However, this only affects those who provide an Instagram account and the 3 winning pictures. The three winners will also be published here on our website. Of course, the rights to the pictures  remain your own - we do not have the right to sell your pictures unless clearly communicated and confirmed in separate communication.

  • Closing date for entries is October 31, 2023

Please also read terms and conditions

This Form is for those who want to submit 1 photo (€5)

  • for submitting 3 photos for €13 please click here

  • for submitting 5 photos for €20 please click here

Entry Form Picture Award


participation form for 1 submission (fee €5) 


Thank you for your participation

Payments possible via:
Credit Card, PayPal, Giropay, Klarna and Apple Pay

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