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International Picture Award
Welcome to the photo competition

Category: Places


Welcome to the 10th Picture Awards!


Show us your best photos on the topic of “places”.

No matter whether your home or far away, whether your living room or the mountains by the sea, whether city streets or jungles - places define us and we design places. Show us the world!


Take part in the 10th international Picture Awards until October 31, 2023. The prize pool is €400.

Our amazing Picture Award Community

We love our amazing community and want to say thank you! Thanks to all the great hobby and professional photographers who make our international Picture Award so unique with their great art.

If you want to be part of this great community, then follow our Instagram channel and sign up for our Newsletter. Here you can find out all the news about our award 2-3 times a month.


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About Picture Award

Picture Award is the international photography award for all kind of photographers, no matter if you are a professional, semi-professional or an amateur photographer and no matter if you use Sony, Canon, Nikon, your mobile phone or any other camera device.

Join our different categories that we publish during the calendar year. Each category is only played once a year, so there is only one winner per category per year. In order not to miss a category, simply sign up for our newsletter.

Participation in the award costs 4€ to 5€ per image submission. You can apply as often as you want in all categories. The winners of gold, silver and bronze can look forward to up to €250 in prize money and, of course, a winning certificate.


Next Picture Awards

Macro, Landscape, Street, Portrait, Animals… the Picture Award categories are changing every two months.


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Our Partner

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Wirestock is a platform that lets contributors upload and distribute their images, videos and vector files as stock assets across various agencies. Wirestock streamlines the contribution process by taking care of keywording, descriptions, and uploading to multiple agencies, saving you time and effort. Additionally, if you're new to stock photography, it eliminates the need to set up separate accounts with each agency. Wirestock's "Easy Submission" tool simplifies the process further by automating the description, title, and keywording process with a combination of human support and AI technology. All you have to do is supply a few basic details or keywords when submitting your file to Wirestock and they'll handle the rest.

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We are always looking for Sponsors and Media Partners. Whether you are a national magazine, an intercontinental blog, an equipment producer or a gallery, benefit from high-quality content from our winners and our international photography community.

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