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Picture Award Ambassador

I have been taking photos since:

When I stopped hearing (it's literal), I took the camera and went to the street and where I found the most life and truth was in the slums. That was around 2016 when I changed journalism for photography.

My camera brand(s): Nikkon

My favorite lens: 24/70

My photography styles: Candid Street Portrait

Instagram: xime_hinz

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I love photography because...

I photograph strangers on the street, I have been practicing the habit for years. I walk the city where I am with a camera in my hands, I leave hotels where I stay, I advance like a hungry hunter from before, I avoid obstacles, I cross red lines, prohibited areas, nothing stops me, I go like cutting down trees, in the first line, armed behind souls. Unknown souls from whom to steal the pipa, the shell in an image.

I do that while others shop, go to museums, tan on the beach, work in an office from nine to five, swim in a pool, gamble in the casino, raise children, dogs, cats, sell things, buy others, give themselves a massage, watch a movie, have a drink, dream about luxury brands, get a manicure, pedicure, read fat books, poems, write, paint, smoke a colossal joint, go to kinesiology, make love, what I know, everything we do...


The strangers of my I Cloud keep me company when I feel alone or I can't sleep or the world closes another door on me, I go through them, I look at them, I visit again...

The strangers of my I Cloud have deep eyes and look at me from a dense well where truths of size float, they are the answers that after decades, I found; my people, the tribe, the home, country, city, rest of the warrior. I carry them on my phone, they are always with me, not my children, not my grandchildren, not my partner, not my cats. They are the unknown people of my I Cloud who came to fill, finally once and for all, a stubborn void from time immemorial.

The strangers of my I Cloud are not my difficult loves, the strangers of my I Cloud are not adored children, they are not a father, they are not a mother, they are not an ex something, they are not complicated men or women with Those with whom I should relate, they are subjects with whom I have not spoken, do not speak nor will I ever speak, people with whom I do not share blood or genes or affections or duties or signatures, but, at the same time, we share everything, because we are human, life, love and heartbreak.

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