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Mädchen anstarrt

The current Picture Award category


& Culture

May 1st - June 30th, 2023

We are looking for the next Picture Award Superstar. And this time we want you to show us your best People & Culture picture.


So it's all about humans: Portraits, documentation, fashion, art, culture, events, snapshots, street... focus on the human in the picture and show us your pictures

If you would like us to share your picture with our community on our Instagram channel, simply enter your Instagram name. If not, just leave the field blank. :-)


The Picture Award is open for everyone


The low application fee of max. € 5 per picture ensures that the quality of our award reaches a good level and, on the other hand, that as many people as possible from all over the world can take part. 

Of course, it is strictly forbidden to submit images that you have not created yourself. We publish your submitted images on our Instagram if you want. Therefore, we ask you to enter your Instagram account in the application form so that we can link you. If you don't want to publish your pictures to our community just leave the field in the form empty. No images will be published uncurated, but we ask all submitters not to send any pornographic or criminal content. If people are to be seen in the images, we assume that the submitter has permission to publish these people.

Prices for Category People & Culture:

Gold Medal Winner: €250 + Certificate
Silver Medal Winner: €100 + Certificate
Bronze Medal Winner: €50 + Certificate

Rank 4 to 10: Certificate each

Apply now with 1,3 or 5 pictures and choose your form:

1 picture

submission fee

€ 5

3 pictures

submission fee

€ 13

5 pictures

submission fee

€ 20

Further information in terms and conditions

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